Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 10, 2014

We're in hardcore nesting mode over here folks. More IKEA furniture will be built, new mattresses will be purchased, floors will be scrubbed, and little tiny pink pants will be folded up and put away. If we're feeling wild we may even try to fit in brunch or a walk, or something that doesn't involve a hammer or a broom. We shall see.

What do you dolls have planned? I hope it's fab - see you monday. xo!

29 awesome things about being knocked up

...also 29 awesome things about being 29.

Dog poo is waay more scientific than you thought.

These are my comic books.

The brain, in beautiful detail.

I wanna party with NPH! Soo many margaritas ... 

Hmm, what to y'all think of this?

Maps to explain everything.

Mermaid pin-up (done by one of my college classmates).

Lions! I love you lions.

Wetness is the essence of beauty - just ask Martha.

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