Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 4, 2013

How were all of your weekends lovies? Mine ended up being surprisingly eventful.

Friday evening, after work and a doctor's visit, I met up with the hubs at the annual Ad Ghetto Block Party. The Block Party is the largest annual event for the ad community in San Francisco. The hubs was totally in his element. Most folks in advertising (at least here) end up coupling with other folks in advertising, so I'm always one of the only non-advertising people at events like these. Still, it's always a good time - the proceeds go to charity, and the mood is always pretty jovial.

The next morning, a few of my best gals and I took off for Napa for the Live In The Vineyard event. My friend's boyfriend is one of the cheeky wine makers behind Slo Down Wines, pouring at the event. Being the thoughtful boyfriend that he is, he gave his lady his extra tickets so she could bring her friends.

We got an early start and spent the late morning wandering around downtown Napa, popping into shops and the Oxbow Market. We got lunch at Redd, one of those long leisurely lunches where you order more than you mean to and generally have a great time. Then after a walk to take in the fall colors we headed to the Westin for the wine and food portion of Live In The Vineyard. Well, wine and food for the gals, water and food for me. :-) Then it was off to the Uptown Theater for the music portion of the evening (Lee Dewyze was fantastic). We stayed out too late and had a great time.

After those exciting two days, I was pooped. I took Sunday off, caught up on my Pinteresting, cleaned the apartment, ran errands, and ordered pizza. Boom! Weekend accomplished.

Images via yours truly.
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  1. that sounds like a lovely weekend

  2. Busy girl you! Sounds like a lot of fun though :-)


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