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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The perfect done undone beachy wave - ubiquitous yet so unattainable. Until now ... The peeps at NYLON have you covered with this easy, do it in your sleep, hair tutorial.

PREP IT: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-In-1 Styling Treatment - $26
Apply this do-it-all product from root to tip--the bottle may recommend that you brush it out, but for this piece-y texture you can skip that step.

That's right, sleep on it. The product will prevent your strands from getting too frizzy (AKA no bad bed head).

BEACH IT: Victoria's Secret Beach Hair Wave Spray - $12
When you wake up, spritz on a bit of surf spray (just once on each side of your head). Give it a few minutes to dry before throwing your hair up in a bun--keep it up as you get ready and then take it out just as you're about to walk through the door. Prepare to be greeted by your easy, not-too-messy waves.

Easy peasey, will you give this technique a try? 

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  1. yes this is how I wear my hair almost everyday. super easy.

  2. maybe, when the hair get longer.


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