Happy Weekend!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hello weekend, my old friend. What do you dolls have planned? After the excitement of last weekend, I think I'll be taking it early. Maybe go for a long walk in the cool air, get a chai latte, perhaps even go crazy and get a mani pedi - you know, if I'm feeling wild.

I hope you all have a great few day too. Meet me here monday? xo!

Real time births and deaths.

When should you have your coffee?

Really sweet. Warning: you might cry. 

Lovely thoughts on the season (holidays here we come).

Because you'll need a laugh after the last one.

Oh Lana.

This is cool.

The hate is crazy.

Courting friends. Have you done this?

A beautiful essay on marriage. 

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  1. I apologize that I didn't come here earlier, I was out of (even my) blogs for some weeks, now
    I am back! I hope you had a great time, a great walk - I love fall, and I went for some Christmas shopping inspiration today! So, it's been a nice weekend! denisesplanet com


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