Happy Weekend

Friday, October 4, 2013

So I'm torn. Torn between lying low this weekend and wooping it up. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is this weekend - an amazing free concert in Golden Gate Park. Equal parts dream come true and nightmare. So I'm torn between fighting the crowds, paying out the nose in cab fares (if you can even catch one, and forget the buses, they'll be full, who wants to pay $100 for an uber?), or avoiding it and doing something a bit more peaceful - like brunch. Hmm. Maybe this is just what 29 and half feels like. :-) In either case, saturday night has date night written all over it. What do you all have planned?

See you monday dolls - enjoy the link love until then! xo.

Nap like a pro.

Health care in America.

Ugh, I hate this kind of BS.

How to say no, it's science.

This will make you smile.

And this will rock your socks.

This might make you cry, in the best way.

Whatcha thinking about?

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  1. lol.. nothing like getting sex advice from a 98 year old.


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