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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One of the unexpectedly sweet parts of clearing out my Grandma's house was finding all of my old journals. I found journals I had forgotten I'd written. Man, I wrote a lot. I found everything from (hilarious) kindergarten haikus, to my breathless travel journals from collage (full of all the cliches you'd hope for).

One special journal details the period of time during the last year of college when the hubs and I first started "talking." The first mention of the hubs is as follows:

"... developed a little crush on Ben which evolved into a big crush ... It's fun, a light crush on a boy I really like."

Oh man. It's both fun and embarrassing to re-read this stuff. I sound so young. I go on to say, that I need to be careful with Ben because "I don't want to emotionally attach myself to anyone." I read that part to the hubs, he laughed and he said, "Welp, I guess you really messed that one up, huh?" Silly man.

Over the course of the journal you can clearly see my relationship with the "boy," as I called him then, evolve. Toward the end of the journal I write:

"Loving Ben is easy, simple, and organic - it happened of its own accord."

That part is still true. Then I worry about what will happen after we graduate. Little did I know that that boy had his own post-college plans, and they all involved me. Thank goodness! It's so funny to re-read my thoughts during this time, and really special too. It's neat to be able to look back and see exactly where I was, and exactly what I was thinking as we started on our path together.

Oh 21 year old Lauren, how little you knew.

Image of the hubs and I by Lisa Fitts
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  1. That's so sweet! I've kept journals for years... I particularly love to read the ANGST of my teenage years. Oh, silly younger self.

  2. The photo of the two of you is so perfectly romantic!


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