Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 26, 2013

It was a good week, but a long one. I'm still feeling a bit rundown from my cold last week (boo!), the bright side is that I actually do feel much much better. Regardless, I'm excited for some r&r and hopefully a little excitement too over these next few days. What do you all have planed?

Meet me here monday? Yay - it's a date! xo.

Duchess Kate has royal baby, looks fab and de-bunks one of the last pregnancy taboos.

The rental market in the City is coconuts.

Ever wonder how much Tai's makeover from "Clueless" would cost?

Backstreet's back! Alright! 

Even fashion folks have embarrassing AIM names.

This video is beautiful - makes me appreciate Karl a bit more.

These portraits are so moving.

Yoga, changing bodies and brains.

Have you ever experienced look-ism?

15 TED Talks to change your life.

How to be alone. Lovely.

A lesson on love from the desert.

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  1. I love that the Backstreet Boys are back! I grew up with their music and I still love all their old songs :-) I am very happy with new ones too though.


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