Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It was a no complaints kinda weekend, my friends.

It started off with an impromptu Friday afternoon date. The hubs took the day off and picked me up at my office. It was beautiful out so we walked from my office to Hayes Valley, for lunch and a glass of wine in the garden here (one of my favorite spots), followed by a quick stop at Smitten for some white balsamic strawberry ice cream. Amaze! There was no way to top that, so we headed home, stayed in and rented this movie.

Saturday was a wake-up slowly, lazy morning, low key kinda day. I took myself for a walk, got a mani, and geared up for a birthday night out. That evening, few of my best gals took me out to dinner, drinks, and of course cake here. It was so good, we wanted to order one of everything, and basically ended up doing just that. Then we met up with a larger group (hubs included) at comet club, a dive-y little club with constantly sweet jams. I spen the rest of the night shakin that thang. It was one of those special nights when everything falls into place, everyone seems to enjoy themselves, and there's no drama to speak of. Hmm, maybe we are getting older.

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, so we were basically obligated to have a margarita or two. I mean, right? We walked up to Nick's Crispy Tacos for taco's Nicks way and a pitcher of margaritas (if you live in SF and haven't been here, do so immediately). Such indulgence - just what I needed.

How about you loves, how were all of your weekends? xo!

Images of me blowing out my birthday candle, demolished chips & guacamole, and a frosty marg at Nick's, and of course Rico being Rico. 


  1. I love Nick's Crispy Tacos. God they're good.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weeken :-) Mine was calm, just chilling at home.

  3. Great cake, mmmm! Your hair looks great! I think we're all getting old :) But I don't think you are, cause you are going out, meeting pals, shaking to the music! This is great! It's so nice when a weekend is that perfect! Hope you have many more like it!


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