Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey kids - whatchu up to this weekend? Huh?

For me it's birthday weekend part 2: dinner with ze girls, and a night out shaking my tail feathers with friends. Aside from that, no plans. :-) It should be sunny so that will be nice. We'll see what develops.

I hope you all have a fabo time too. See you Monday - xo!

Buzzfeed linked to my blog, check it out!

SLO Down wines, goes great with ...
(This is my friend's company and promo, it's very silly and definitely NSFW) 

Relationship with my mom.

Ladies night!

Dating, a how-to.

The Pregnant Husband, made me laugh.

Grooms blown away by their brides.

Teenage sleep patterns.

When I was hungry.

How to wash your hands in space.

Three years of the sun in three minutes.

I love this.

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