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Friday, February 8, 2013

You know you work in the environmental field when you are super jazzed by your new reusable cup. Yep, I'm pretty jazzed about this one.

We all know that waste is an issue, so why not take preventive measures by using as many reusable items as possible? Well, because you still have to be cautious about the reusable items you choose to use. The plastic reusable cup for instance, better for the environment, but not so good for human health. Plastics leach all kinds of harmful chemicals, especially when they come into contact with hot liquid. Even BPA free plastics leach harmful chemicals, chemicals that may interfere with reproductive hormones or cause cancer. Yikes is an understatement.

So how do you strive to be less wasteful and also not expose yourself to unnecessary chemicals? Well, at least when drink wear is concerned, simply choose glass and or stainless steel containers. This brings me back to my original point - I got a new reusable travel coffee cup, and it's cute! I set out to find a reusable glass coffee cup, that wasn't huge (hello extra calories), and still appealed to my design sense. Happily, I came across JOCO Cups. Glass 12 ounce (the same size a "tall") travel cups that are barista certified. Boom. Sold. It just arrived and I'm super jazzed. Did I mention that?

Even Rico and Sofie were excited and decided they needed to crash my photo shoot.

Photos via yours truly. 


  1. I love when something that is good for yourself and the environment looks this awesome, I'm so tempted to get one for my morning chai, haha!


    1. Oh yeah, me too. This little guy is pretty darn cute.

  2. Awesome!!

    My brother in law carries around a fork, knife and little tin cup in his backpack and I'm always kicking myself because it's so damn convenient when going to food trucks or little holes in the wall with plastic forks.

    Reusable all the way!!

    1. Such a good idea! Most of my co-workers do the same, I keep a set at my desk at work but never remember to take it with me out of the office. :-)


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