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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Vancouver art and design student Rosea Posey crated this piece entitled Judgments. A photo of the back of a woman’s leg marked with skirt-length "decency levels," starting with a below the calf “matronly” on up to a hot pant length “whore.” Posey said: working on this project really made [her] examine [her] own opinions, preconceptions and prejudices about “slutty” women and women who choose to cover all of their skin alike.

So it got me thinking as well. It's difficult not to superimpose our own sense of what's appropriate onto others, but for the most part I try not to judge. Everyone's fighting their own battle, right? Plus, I've been known to wear a pair of short shorts, who hasn't? (and let's not get started on my ultra-low rise jeans phase from high school circa 2000.) Mainly, I think that as ladies, we need to stand up for each other - calling each other sluts and whores only makes it easier for the patriarchy to marginalize us as so. What do you think? 



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