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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes debt feels like an unavoidable part of life - an (almost) universal condition. Between student loans, wedding costs, car payments (so I hear), and credit cards most of us will be saddled with some form of debt at some point. While it's not something that anyone enjoys, it is something that can be managed. It's a problem like any other that just needs to be tackled. If you're feeling overwhelmed, the Everygirl has some great tips on getting into the right mindset. 

Step 1: Acknowledge your debt - get a celar picture of whatever it is you owe, be brutally honest with yourself.
Step 2: Forgive yourself - hey, you're not alone here. Universal condition, remember?
Step 3: Save up - you don't want to get into a pickle and have to run up a credit card you just paid down.
Step 4: Create a plan - figure out how much you can/need to pay each month, and actually do it.
Step 5: Remember "this to shall pass." Debt is temporary. You have the power to fix this problem.

Read the full article here.

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