Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ello loves - happy three day weekend to you all. What do you have panned? I'm gearing up for a wild and crazy ... staycation! I love a weekend away, but there is something really nice about a low pressure long weekend. I see happy hour, brunch, a football game (enjoyed in a dive bar of course), a puppy party in the dog park, and maybe even a mani pedi in my future ... I told you, it's gonna be crazy. 

I hope you all have an awesome three days and I'll see you back here monday - xo!

It's so COLD in Southern California - HA!

Have you ever taken this personality test? (I'm an ENFJ)

Starbucks is going green.

Amazing places.

Happiness boosters.

I wish I'd known before moving to SF.

A room within a room within a room ...

This sounds delicious.

Modern etiquette.

Makes me happy.

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  1. I staycation sounds amazing! Enjoy! Love this photo lol

  2. ahahaha suuuuch a cute picture~


  3. I agree...staycations are amazing!! So relaxing. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! xo, Julie

  4. Happy Monday!

    I'm sure you had a fantastic time! :)

    I need a break or a staycation! Can't wait till our trip to Ohio. I'll finally be able to get my hands on some Chipotle and relax for a bit. ;)

  5. I just found your blog and had to comment - I'm an ENFJ too! love myers briggs.

    Also - I love your font, it's beautiful! What are you using? Been a bit obsessed with typography lately :)

    1. Hi - thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! The font in the header is actually called "Lauren." :-)


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