Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, December 17, 2012

Can you believe we're just about a week from Christmas? Crazy, right?

It was a weekend of grey days and chilly nights. Friday night the hubs and I met up with some of the usual suspects for the usual shenanigans. I love going out in San Francisco this time of year - even normal nights are transformed into something special and festive. Wreaths, twinkle lights, red lips, and sequins take everything up just a notch - don't you think? I love this time of year.

Saturday was one of those grey days that feels like one long evening. Plus, a migraine hit me like a mac truck - do you ever get those? Ugh, it's just the worst. A special kind of pain and overall sick feeling that's so hard to explain to someone who's never had one. I've been managing chronic migraines since puberty, but I haven't been hit with one that bad in a while. Thankfully, I was feeling much better by the actual evening - just in time to grab coco and wander around down town looking at the Christmas lights with the hubs, before going to see The Hobbit. Have you seen it? I loved loved loved the book as a kid, and thought the movie was beautifully done. I can't wait for part two...

Sunday was another grey lazy day, full of football, friends, and fries. The perfect low key way to round out the weekend. What did you all do?

Photo of yours truly in Union Square, SF.


  1. You look so cute! I love your hat/beret. I have had at least two really severe migraines in my life, so I know how much they suck!

    1. Aw thanks Lera, I love in that hat this time of year! Ugh, I'm sorry you've experienced migraines too.


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