Weekend wrap-up

Monday, December 3, 2012

Welps, this photo of Sofie Kitty kinda sums it up. It was a rainy lazy kinda weekend around here, punctuated by holiday shopping, a mani-pedi, and listening to this album on repeat (I'm a nineties kid, I can't help it). There were two highlights however.

First of all, a brand-spankin-new Trader Joe's opened in my hood, this is seriously something to celebrate, it's silly how happy it makes me. I went in no less than three times over the weekend, I told you, it's silly.

Secondly, the hubs and I were invited to a cocktail crawl Saturday evening - the crawl was based on the idea of a progressive dinner (have you heard of these? such a fun idea!). We all started at the organizer's appartment for manhattans and apps, then walked to the next appartment for margaritas and guacamole, then walked to the next appartment ... you get the idea. We were a parade of tipsy twenty-somethings drinking and snacking our way around Alamo Square, a super fun (albeit somewhat sloppy) affair. It goes without saying that Sunday was, er, extra lazy. ;-)

How about you kids? How was your weekend? I'd love to hear. xo!

Photo via yours truly


  1. What a cute kitty! I saw "Argo" (very good!) last weekend, nothing major. You won't believe it! I have never been to Trader Joe's! I must go! :-)


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