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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gifts. This time of year can be so magical, yet so stressful, largely in part due to ... gifts! I used to put so much pressure on myself to pick the absolute perfect gift. This is an impossibility (duh) compounded by the fact that the hubs isn't, shall we say, "excitable." So I stopped.

I haven't stopped giving gifts. I've just stopped trying to make them the most perfect-gasp-and-tear-inducing, and have started to stick with things I know he'll like. Booze and design books for instance. He's kinda done the same - I usually just pick out something and tell him to buy it for me (romantic, I know). Or even just forgo gifts and use the money to have a really special dinner out, maybe here.

But it works out. Neither of us really expresses or receives love through gifts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to turn down a nice piece of jewelry, or anything crazy like that, I'm just far better sustained by a sweet compliment or an unexpected shoulder rub. Lucky for me the hubs is too, though I'm sure he'd prefer a shoulder rub to a compliment - no matter how sweet.

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  1. lol, we are the same way. We tell each other what we want or this year we decided not to get each other anything but save the money for a nice vacation

  2. when we were living in SF, we definitely went to boulevard for special occasions. although our abso fave was gary danko.

    we're not big on gifts either. maybe something small, just to pay homage to the thought of giving each other something, but we focus on bigger things for later in the year like a phatty vacation.


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