Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Are y'all celebrating Halloween this weekend? We sure are. I freaking love Halloween, and I have a good feeling about this one. Hopefully I'll have some fun photos to share. Until then ...

Have an awesome time and I'll meet you back here Monday. xo!

What's your Dosha?

The New Yorker Presidential Endorsement.

If this doesn't make you angry (and terrified), nothing will.

Is Mercury in Retrograde? Always good to know.

My new favorite thing.

Aloha Mad Men.

The perfect fall outfit.

A fantastic way to put it all in perspective.

A compliment in a pinch.

I want to go to there.


  1. Okay, so ... I am a religious person. However, these nuts like Mr. Mourdock never cease to make my jaw drop. I cannot think of a single scripture one could manipulate far enough to say that rape is the *intent* of God. There are MANY scriptures about the blessings of children, that children are a heritage of the Lord, that they are gifts, etc. but what a-holes (pardon my semi-French) like this guy completely miss is the absolute SORROW and ANGER (yes, God gets angry!) that God feels when crimes like that of rape are committed. Not everything that happens on this earth is God's will. At all. No ... Our Lord gave us this gift that is both wonderful and (more often) terrifying -- free will. Free will means that humans have the ability to REJECT THE WILL OF GOD and conduct evil. "Men" like Mr. Mourdock make me sick.

    On a happier note, thank you so much for stopping by my little piece of the web, and leaving me some love! :)

  2. Katie, thank you so much for this comment. I sometimes feel like the religious right speaks so loudly that the other religious voices are drowned out, and it's so important for us all to remember that religion is also kind and tolerant. I really value your view point here.

    Thanks for stopping ny my little corner of the interwebs too!


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