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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Third day hair. By now I'm sure you've heard 1,000 + times that washing your hair every day can be really damaging. So I try to wash my hair every other day; but sometimes I'm too lazy rushed in the mornings and need to extend the in-between time. Here's how I pull off third day hair.

Get your self some dry shampoo (obvi), and a shine serum. When you shower, shampoo just your bangs, or the front section of your hair. You will still save time by not needed to blow-dry all of your hair, plus since the front bit will be glossy and clean, you'll still look fresh and pulled together. Touch up with a flat or curling iron as needed. Then go to town with your dry shampoo (tip: if you have dark hair and are using a light powder, really be sure to work it in to avoid the errant powder streak). This will give your hair some fun volume and nice texture, a sexy tousled look if you will, and soak up any extra oil. Finally, spritz on your shine serum and you are good to go. No one will guess you haven't washed your hair in three two days. Enjoy!

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