Wed Day {year one}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

These are a few of our wedding photos, taken almost a year ago now. I could go on and on about the details that made the day special, or how I chose my dress (Christos btw) & the bridesmaids dresses (Vera Wang, of course) - but this post isn't about that. It's about the year that came after this special day. 

The hubs and I met in college, when we were 19 or so, got together our 4th year when we were 21, and eventually wed when we were both 27. In the years leading up to the wedding day we graduated college, I left for South Africa (and came back - almost harder than leaving in the first place), He picked me up from the airport, we moved in with my mother, then we moved in with his parents, we moved to San Francisco (into a studio), he went back to school, we were robed, I entered the work force at the beginning of the global financial melt down (yay), Obama took office, he left to study in Germany, I went to vist, we came back together, I got a better job, we moved into a nicer studio, he graduated, he got a job, we adopted cats, we got engaged, I got a better job, we moved into a one bedroom (finally!), and we planed a wedding. There were six years of history there before the wedding, six very formative years. We didn't grow-up together, but we did go from kids to adults together. 

We have lived with each other's families, fought, been the best and worst versions of ourselves, and somehow we made it through (even when I didn't think we would). So for me, this first year of marriage felt like the next chapter in a long story, not like a huge paradigm shift. We had already built a life together, we were already fully committed. We both knew that this relationship would continue to be work, but it would also continue to be worth it. The hubs once siad "we're not perfect, but we're perfect for each other." I think that sums it up so well. 

Although, after the wedding I was also pleased to find a new sense of peace, of permanence, the promise of a family. Things I had imagined, but that now seem possible. The reality of making a life and growing old with the love of your life. Not too shabby. 

I know there will be tears, there will be fights, but there will also be laughter (lots of it), there will be Louis CK marathons, there will be long dinners in dark restaurants, there will long late night talks, there will be waking up next to a person who sees and understands me, who loves me for all my faults - and all the work will be worth it. 

Our wedding photos by Lisa Fitts


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