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Thursday, August 23, 2012

So for our one year wedding anniversary, the hubs and I are (drum roll) going glamping!

"Glamping" is glamorous camping, get it? Glamping! This is a true compromise. The hubs is a total nature boy and LOVES camping. I actually really like it too, but for our anniversary celebration I wanted a few more amenities. Since glamping is oh-so-hot-right-now, I thought what better time to try it out? Luckily, the hubs was game. So today we are packing up our rental car and heading down the California coast for a peaceful, secluded, romantic get-away for two. I'm pretty excited, if you haven't gathered. I've queued up some fun posts and will be back next week with a full glamping report.

Cheers until then - xo!


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