Happy Weekend

Friday, July 27, 2012

I am really looking forward to a little r&r this weekend, and maybe a glass of wine, and sometime with friends as well. Excited to see what develops ...

What do you all have planed? I hope it's fabo whatever it is. See you monday - xo!

Drive traffic to your corner of the interweb.

Who to follow on Pinterest. (make sure to follow me too!) 

Wants vs. needs, I can decide where these fall ...

Pedel to the metel - a highway for bikes!

Find your calling.

Celebrities if they weren't.

Even more Olympic swag.

I blame MIR too!


  1. Do those cool sunglasses belong to you? I like. I'm excited to check some of your links, especially the drive traffic and find your calling ones. You know the way to my heart. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Lauren!
    PS~Lauren, I've tried to find you on Instagram with no luck. I'll keep trying...

    1. I wish those glasses were mine, I need to actually see if I can track 'em down. I hope you have a fantastic weekend too!

      I just added you on Instagram, and you can find me @LaurenAsh29. :-)


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