From the weekend {part 1}

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Sunday the Hubs and I grabbed a Zip Car and took a quick day trip down the coast to Half Moon Bay. Our first stop was to wander around city's super cute downtown. We caught the tail end of the local Memorial Day Parade and stumbled upon a small carnival - hard to believe we were only 45 minutes outside of the City. 

After exploring the town, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving down Highway 1 and stoping off at the different sections of the Half Moon Bay State Beach. We spent hours wandering up and down the coast, bare sandy feet, talking. It was some private, contemplative time that we really needed together, it ended up being a really positive time. Eventually, we ended up at the historic Moss Beach Distillery and had a drink on the spectacular patio before making our way to Sam's Chowder House (a local favorite) for dinner. We split the chowder and a crab cocktail, the Hubs has the infamous lobster roll for dinner, while I had the lobster ceviche.  

Not bad for a Sunday ...


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