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Friday, May 18, 2012

So, by now we all know that mint is kinda a big deal this season - still I couldn't resist sharing my own take on the trend.

For a color pallet, I was inspired by this outfit (via) - also loving the gold jewelry and bright nails btw - below are little finds to add a pop of fresh or mint and blue to your already stylin' wardrobe.

Mint CHANEL? I die. 

How about this light turquoise NIXON watch?

The perfect low-key classic for summer weekends running around the city? Methinks so.

I've posted about light blue polish before, what can I say - I like what I like. This ESSIE shade is perfect, as is this one

Okay, one more watch for good mesure. 

What do you think loves, are you digin' on this tend too?


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