Eyeliner options

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We've talked about fun ways to mix up your eyeliner style before, so I thought I share some more options fresh from NYFW. More tools for your tool box - which look are you ging to try first? Marc and Stella are great day time options, and I'm excited to try the Erdem, Armani and D&G looks for night time.


  1. what is the best eyeliner style for almond eyes..more specifically for Asian-Indian eyes?

    1. Hi Memuna - you are in luck! Almond eyes have been called the "ideal" eye shape. Almost any of the eyeliner options could be flattering. Personally, I think a simple line that follows the natural shape of your eye (maybe smudged a bit with eyeshadow in the same shade) would be lovely for day time, and you can't beat a classic cat eye for night time. The little wing at the outer edge lifts up ones features so nicely. I hope this helps!


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