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Monday, March 19, 2012

The past weekend was a good one - I'm still savoring it.

Friday night I had an old fashioned girly sleepover with my dear friend Val (the Hubs was away for work). We sipped some sparkling wine and watched My Week With Marilyn. Have you seen it? I thought it was incredibly well done.

By Saturday afternoon the Hubs was back and we headed to Fort Mason for The Creators Project. The project was an amazing showcase of conceptual and interactive art, lectures by the movers and shakers of design and innovation, and a concert featuring amazing dj's and best of all the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. (Karen O seriously rocks my socks. Seriously.) Food for the event was provided by Off The Grid, a collective of some of San Francisco's best food trucks. We had awesome sandwiches from 3-Sum Eats. All and all it was an amazing and inspiring way to spend a saturday night.

Here is a snap shot:

Origin, an enormous cube structure that you can stand or lay in to experience the
industrial, almost alien sounds and moving ligt display 

Origin at night
a video I took as I was lying inside the Origin structure

the Hubs interacting with a piece in the Meditation instillation

the main stage before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Sunday was definitely a slower day. We stayed in and watched The Descendants (I laughed, I cried, it was wonderful), ventured out briefly to meet friends for bloody maries at this bar in the Haight, and then came back home and started this documentary series. Yep, it was a good one.

How was your weekend?


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