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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We've spoken about beauty routines (morning  & evening), so now let's chat hair care. I have fine hair that used to be quite wavy but as I've gotten older has become relatively straight, so my routine is pretty bare bones since I don't want to weigh it down.

 I wash it about every other day with Fresh Soy Shampoo, it's moisturizing, clarifying and gentle. The sent is really nice plus gender neutral so the Hubs uses it too.

I always use a conditioner and I recently discovered Moroccan Oil -- I know, everyone is buzzing about Moroccan Oil right now, but it has totally lived up to the hype (at least for me). I use the volumizing conditioner, towel dry and then use the the Moroccan Treatment Oil on damp hair. I let it air dry for a bit, then blow dry and touch up with a flat iron. Sometimes I'll finish with a serum depending on the fuzz factor of the day - I especially love this one from Aveda.

So that's it, pretty low key compared to my skin care routines, huh?


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