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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Environmentalism is something that is very close to me personally and professionally, so if you will indulge me, I'll add a few more green home tips:
  1. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products, like Mrs. Meyers
  2. Recycling is a given, but have you started composting yet? 
  3. When you do start composting, get this swanky pail
  4. Use reusable bags, like these, for all your shopping (get a few and stash them in your favorite purses and car)
  5. Speaking of cars, drive less. I know it's easy to do in a city with lots of transit options like San Francisco, but car pool when you can, bike when you can, and walk when you can (your butt will be cuter too)
  6. If it's feasible for you, switch to a hybrid or electric car (the hubs and I actually don't have a car at the moment, it's more trouble than it's worth in the City, but when we bite the bullet and buy a car eventually we'll be looking at low emissions and fule efficiency for sho)
  7. Eat less meat, especially red meat - it will lower your risk for certain deseases (like cancer) and reduce your carbon foot print. Learn more here
  8. While we're at it, try to buy primarily organic and local produce - this will also reduce your carbon foot print, reduce pollution of our water ways from chemical run off, and you'll expose yourself and your family to far fewer chemicals 
  9. Use a reusable mug for to-go coffee, and when ever possible - learn why here then get a mug like this one
  10. Switch your paper products (paper towels, tp, etc) to recycled paper, or better yet switch out your paper towels to reusable kitchen cloths
All of these tips are actually really easy to incorporate into your life, and though it's totally cliche to say, it's amazing the impact small changes like these can have. Super seriously.


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