Wed Day

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One piece of jewelry you’ll wear everyday - forever - no pressure. Luckily, there are many, many (almost too many) options. My ring is a vintage find from 1920. I was walking home, and wandered past an estate jewelry shop, decided to wander in, and on a whim tried on a bunch of rings. When I tried on the ring that would eventually be mine, my whole hand vibrated, and that was that. I. Needed. That. Ring. It’s funny, I felt stronger about the ring than I did the dress, which I guess is okay since I get to wear it much more often. The next day I dragged the now-hubs down to the shop, in the pouring rain, and showed him the one I liked in case he was maybe-sort-of-thinking of proposing sometime in the near future. Crazy, maybe, but in any case - it worked out. :-)


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